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Meet the staff at

Mitchell Fitness Therapy


Liam Mitchell

Owner, Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

Liam is the owner and main Trainer within Mitchell Fitness Therapy

It all started from a young age playing sport but a lack of facilities and coaching Liam began to fall out with sport in his early teens, He then picked it back up when leaving school and enjoying his sport again went on to do a Degree in Sports coaching to try and give back to young players and stop the dropout he had 

While in University Liam played several sports to a Semi professional and Professional Level but soon started to pick up injuries slowing his process, Liam still participates today in sport playing football on a friendly basis and learning the martial art Genjitsu where he is currently an orange belt (7th KYU) Liam left university wanting to work with a wide range of clients helping with their needs to be healthy and started Mitchell Fitness Therapy from a commercial gym in Burnley its there where he branched out to his own facility in Darwen where Mitchell Fitness Therapy can be found today.

In his 4 years in the gym he started to realize that he had a great ability in problem solving injuries so pursued this area gaining qualifications specific to injury and management of these.

'I enjoy to help people get healthier and enjoy their fitness journey rather than it being a boring routine i like to have fun in sessions, I get a massive sense of pride whether it be helping someone lose a few lb or to helping someone walk again after an accident'

Liam's Qualifications Include:

Level 4 REPS

Fully Insured

Bachelor of the Arts Degree with Honours in Sports 

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy 

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 3 Exercise Referral  

Level 5 Nutritional Therapy 

Level 3 Nutritionist in Weight Management 

Level 2 Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell and Circuits class instructor 

Qualified Football Coach

Qualified Football Goalkeeping Coach 

Qualified Athletics Coach

Qualified Basketball Coach 

Qualified Rounders Coach

Qualified Rugby coach (both Disciplines)

Qualified American Football Coach

Qualified Schools Gymnastics Coach 

Qualified Handball Coach 

Continued Professional Development in Sports 

7th Kyu in Genjitsu part of the Nippon Dai Federation

(all certificates can be produced in the Darwen Studio and i actively encourage clients to ask for ease of mind with some being on display in the studio as well)

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