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Mitchell Fitness Therapy


Our Facilities

Our Studio can be found on Branch road in Lower Darwen 

We are based in the Brook mill complex on Branch road, this is a commercial/ industrial estate with several different businesses functioning from here also allowing us to have the space for a 2 floor studio.


Over the 2 floors we boast a range of different rooms and areas, These include:

Warm up area 

Exclusive cardiovascular area 

Weight room

Therapy/ consultation room

Toilet/ Changing Facilities

Kitchenette Area 

Office and Kit Store

Outdoor Training

Free Car Parking 

The wide range of areas allows us to cater to a range of different needs from mobility to strength training for a specific sport.

Our main focus on all sessions is privacy. we understand going into a gym can be really intimidating and scary and our mission is to remove this factor all together, for others they may want to train under the radar which we also facilitate. All sessions are run privately with only the trainer and the client(s) in that session, no other sessions going on or people walking around allowing to focus and have a stress free workout without feeling judgement. some people want to show the finished product and the studio is a place to hide away until they are ready to present the results.

Some of our Equipment



Whole Body workout

The multigym allows a wide range of Fixed resistance and cable exercises for both PT and Therapy with a range of different attachments to suit the exercise needs and ranging from 6kg-111KG  in weight, We also offer separate cables in the studio to hit all different angles on the muscles 

Other machines include leg press and sissy squat


Free Weights

Strength & Stamina

we have a wide range of free weights available both barbell and Dumbbells, Our bars range from 2.5kg to 285kg with a mixture of standard and Olympic style weights, Our Dumbbells range from 0.5kg-62kg to give a great range for all different needs. we also have a range of benches, racks and a full lifting cage to accompany the weights for an all round workout


Functional Equipment

A Healthier You

We have a wide range of functional equipment including kettlebells ranging from 4kg-24kg, Medicine balls 1.5kg-45kg, we also boast a wide range of SAQ equipment including ladders, stability boards and hurdles

New for 2022- Macebells and indian clubs ranging from 2kg-12kg 


Bodyweight and bandwork

Using what you have

In the new studio we have several places to hang suspension trainers, yoga swings and  Gymnastic rings to allow an all body bodyweight workout as well as a range of bodyweight kit to allow a full calisthenics program


We designed our own bandspine and have a range of bands and bungess available for training and speedwork  


Strongman Kit

Lifting and moving heavy things

While we work with a few strongman/ woman athletes to compete who doesnt enjoy moving heavy things some popular kit includes balls, kegs, sandbags and the log 


Rehab equipment

Managing those injuries

we have a wide range of rehab equipment for all your needs a fully equiped therapy room including massage and health marker testing kit 

kit can also be found in the warm up area and around the gym to use during sessions such as bands, foam rollers and massage balls 

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