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Achieve your goals with

Mitchell Fitness Therapy

Personal Training

Everything we do is personalized to the client and their needs towards their goals,we use our extensive knowledge and qualifications to steer clients towards their needs and create as an enjoyable experience as possible for each individual so they enjoy the journey and make it a habit they enjoy to keep on top of

we offer 

- 1-2-1 Training

- 2-2-1 Training 

- Group Sessions


-Nutrition Training 


all via different training mediums which suit the individuals such as circuits, strength training and muscle building 


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What People Are Saying


January 2014 I walked into the gym a very self conscious, unhappy, overweight, unfit 52year old. The first person I spoke to was Liam. He showed me round the gym and asked me to come in for a chat. That was the start of my journey. I weighed 15st 13lb, the heaviest I have ever been. After talking to Liam and accepting his help he became my personal trainer. His expertise in fitness and nutrition  is second to none. I began losing weight straight away.  The more I lost the more confident I became. In July I went on holiday having lost nearly 3 stone and feeling fantastic. I put on about 8lb on holiday but as soon as I came home I was back at the gym and soon lost it. I now weigh 12st 5lb and looking forward to 2015 and losing another 2 stone. I know with the encouragement and support I get from Liam I will achieve this. I would say to anyone who is unhappy with how they look, please talk to Liam, he gets results. The photos don't lie.


Need come off here tonight its all food and beer and im carb free 😢__Its not good im suffering

Fitness Advice for You

Preworkout the Natural way

June 2020

There are several companies out there that do some great preworkouts that have all different effects from the pump to stimulates but long term use could come with its own issues.

There is also a natural way to do this with 3 ingredients

Coffee (strong) 
Coconut oil

L-tyrosine is a natural fat burning amino acid (partially responsible for meat sweats)

Coffee is a bitter herb which helps the liver and the caffeine gives the boost

Coconut oil boosts t3 in the body naturally boosting the thyroid thus increasing the metabolism and fat burning potential also feed the body without spiking insulin which can slow fat loss, also extra fat to help repair the body when the workout is gruelling

Water the secret weight loss method

June 2020

Water is a great way to lose weight as we are mostly made up of the stuff so replacing it keeps us in homeostasis

drinking plenty an help us flush our organs which filter out the toxins in our body which in turn can help lose bodyfat as fat can be stubborn to move when we are in toxicity, it also stops the body holding on to access water for emergencies losing the access weight

heres how much 

the water should be what we call clean so either bottled or filtered there is to many toxins in tap,

this is a simple calculation i use 

bodyweight in kg x 37.5

e.g. 100kg person would be 3750 then add 500 so 4250 for the 100kg this is the amount you will need in ml try this for a week and see what happens you will lose weight 

Got 30min spare heres a workout you only need you and a timer for

June 2020

Anywhere Bodyweight circuit

Easy enough to set up you just need a little space to work and a timer. All exercise utilise the body for the workout. Really good for cardio, building basic strength and engaging the nervous system.

The Circuit

Complete 3 rounds with a 2min rest after the round is complete, the rounds split

Exercise time: rest time

Round 1- 30sec:30sec

Round 2- 45sec:15sec

Round 3- Full 60sec and straight on to next exercise

The exercises (E=easier H=Harder)

  1. Press ups (E- on knees/ against a wall H-Legs raised/Plyometric)

  2. Crunches (H-sit ups)

  3. High Knees (E-slower H-Use a step e.g. the stairs)

  4. Squats (E-sit on a chair H-Squat jumps)

  5. The Plank (E-full body stretch H-alternative limbs off floor)

  6. Jumping Jacks (E-move just legs or arms H-Star jumps)

  7. Lunges (E-Against a wall H-jumping Lunges)

  8. Burpees (E-Down and up H-Full with press up)

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